f-cell impulse summit in Stuttgart

The Impulse Summit for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

September 18+19, 2018 - Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart

Intriqued by the spirit behind the builders and entrepreneurs of technology, those creating and those developing their expertise.

We are passionate about hydrogen and fuel cell technology. It inspires us and moves us! Now is the perfect opportunity to be innovative. We are giving a stage to the newly designed f-cell elements. An Impulse Summit to develop projects and partnerships. Creating new ideas for the future!

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f-cell 2018 Flyer

f-cell 2018 flyer

Detailed information about the f-cell 2018

All Inclusive Ticket

Conference: Selected keynotes and session topics
Marketplace: A trade show pivoting around everything that is f-cell
Topic Tables: An opportunity to discuss your individual topics in small groups
Evening Event: 1st Class indulgence - work hard play hard  
Time & Space for one-to-one meetings: Here, you can take your negotiations a step further

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Norway is f-cell partner

Partner country Norwegen

We are happy to announce our f-cell partner country for 2018: Norway.


Here can be found all partners!