f-cell impulse summit in Stuttgart

f -cell 2019 - The Impulse Summits for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

f-cell + HFC: May 22-23, 2019 – Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel, Vancouver, Canada

We are excited to announce our collaboration with the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) creating an Impulse Summit for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technology in Vancouver, Canada! Canada is renown for the advancements within the field and therefore it is obvious to see that there will be a gathering of highly acclaimed people from the industries, research and politics for hydrogen and fuel cells.

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f-cell: September 10-11, 2019

f-cell: September 10-11, 2019 - Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart, Germany

Documentation f-cell 2018

As a participant, you have received an email with the access information for the documentation platform. The list of participants can also be found next to the list of lectures.

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f-cell 2018 Questionnaire

Your opinion matters! We want to ensure that together we create the best networking event in Germany. To make that happen, we want to know your thoughts.

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Robert (Bob) Rose was a highly valued person his entire life through. Valued in the industry and in many of the developments that he promoted in the H2FC sector, he was a cherished friend and advisor. We have been so fortunate to experience various events around the world together with Bob and the f-cell family. We are so grateful for having the opportunity to develop together through our lively discussions. Bob passed away in the States on October 17, 2018. Bob will be forever missed in our hearts.