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f-cell award flyer
Detailed information about the f-cell 2018

Extended Submission deadline is August 17, 2018

Submitted can be innovative conceptual ideas or cooperation projects from all fields of research and application of fuel cells and hydrogen. At the minimum one scientific institution/academic organization from Baden-Württemberg as well as from Norway must participate, the consortium leader needs to come from one of these countries. The developments/ideas may be based on materials, individual components, entire systems, their peripherals, as well as technical and holistic integration into the applications.


The application form can be found here.


The categories

For this year, the f-cell award 2018 will be awarded under the motto ”Innovative Cooperation Projects and Conceptual Ideas between Baden-Württemberg and Norway”.


Entries will primarily be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Level of innovation
  • Market potential
  • Environmental benefits
  • Integrated approach


Legal notice:

Acceptance of the participation rules is confirmed by your registration.

You affirm not to infringe third-party rights by your participation, especially not to affect industrial and intellectual property rights as well as rights of use. In this respect you exempt the organizer from third-party claims. Taking part participants accept the publication of the results in different media unless the opposite is not expressed explicitly.