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All Inclusive Ticket

Order your All Inclusive Ticket now and and get immediate access to the list of participants!

PLEASE NOTE: With this registration, you are only booking an f-cell All Inclusive ticket. You will not automatically become a Xing member. However, if you are already a Xing member, you can efficiently enter your personal information using your Xing profile. If you have any questions, please contact Carolynn Jaworska.

Konferenz - Online Event Management mit der Ticketing-Lösung von XING Events


One Ticket – All Inclusive!


How many different types of tickets are there?

The complete all inclusive ticket (for both days) ; 980,- + MwSt.


Is there a ticket for one day?

No, there is only one ticket available, the all inclusive ticket.


Are there special student priced tickets?

As of this year, there is no longer a student discount ticket available.


Which platforms can I visit with the All Inclusive ticket?

You are welcome to join in on everything! The Conference, Marketplace, Matchmaking, Round Table and of course not to be missed…the Evening Event. Be in the know! Return to the registration site to continually see the new workshops or Topic Tables that have been created. Then register to attend! You can also use the f-cell app with your Ticket!