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Press releases f-cell 2018

f-cell 2018: 1,000 zero emission commercial vehicles announced for Switzerland

The 18th f-cell entered the homestretch with a brilliant finale: During the international networking meeting of the hydrogen sector in Stuttgart, H2 Energy announced the implementation of the world’s first fleet of fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles in Switzerland. "Green hydrogen" from the alpine nation is replacing diesel as a fuel.

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f-cell award for 2018 honors the production of green hydrogen


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Sector coupling, E-mobility, De-carbonization: For the 18th time the International Hydrogen World will be visiting Stuttgart.

Hydrogen as a key green technology is on the cusp of industrialization. Leading manufacturers, consumers, and researchers from all areas of hydrogen and fuel cell technology are meeting In Stuttgart. In 2017 alone, it would have been possible to produce 120,000 t of green hydrogen using regulated wind power.

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International Industry Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit

CO2-free, sustainable, smart, economical: After decades of development work, the hydrogen and fuel cell industry has now met the complex requirements of modern mobility and energy technologies. Certain international legal and regulatory requirements are still to be reached.  As a leading industry summit, the f-cell will provide constructive impulses on a national and international level in 2018, which will harmonize and, above all, accelerate the expansion of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies internationally. Norway is the 2018 f-cell partner country. Norway provides a wonderful example for this harmony with more than just the promotion of zero emission vehicles.

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18th f-cell 2018 Features New Concept (June 2018)

Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are increasingly assuming a pivotal role at the international level and not just with the electrification of the transportation sector. In 2018, the 18th f-cell will present its new format in Stuttgart for the first time in this innovative environment. In doing so, active participation and vibrant discussion will be the focus of technical exchange of information.

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Energy Storage Europe cooperates with Peter Sauber Agency to expand hydrogen and fuel cells division (October 2017)

Associations BVES and DWV support collaboration

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